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    Hielke Polman


    Who am I?

    Hielke Polman is born in Groningen on the 20th of june, 1989. In 2009 he started an ICT study at the Hanze university in Groningen. Four years later he graduated and set up his own company to develop webapplications for various clients. Till this website will be brought offline, he's still succesfully programming and developing solutions for clients.

    But what does programming mean? How can a non-programmer understand the fascination and motivation of a programmer? I quote I read describes programming as follows: "Programming is a way to convert your thoughts into mathematical formulas or systematic processes. This systematic order is the basis for the creation of a harmonious work of art." A programmer tries to simplify the daily problems with the help of computers. That makes it possible to solve repetitive tasks or complex problems in an elegant way.


    No one is saying anything about me and my work yet..

    Just me, Company name

    ..but when they do, it will be posted here.

    Me again, Company name

    My Skills

    C# / MVC4






    Windows Phone/Store

    Some of my projects

    • Nufotik Fotografie

      Web Design and Development

      januari 2014

    • Autokosten beheer applicatie

      Web Design and Development

      januari 2014

    • Installatiebedrijf Winter

      Web Design and Development

      October 2013

    • Monvita clientenadministratie

      Web Design and Development

      August 2013

    • VIB/Wubbolts

      Web Design, Content Management

      May 2013

    • Shuttledrive

      Web Design and Development

      February 2013

    • Vingi

      Web Design and Development

      October 2012

    • Online Bible Tool

      Web Design and Development

      September 2012

    • Study exercises

      Web Design

      November 2012

    • Administratiekantoor WJRPolman

      Web Design and Development

      August 2012

    • Dingo Analysis Tool

      Web Development, Bioinformatics

      January 2012

    • GKV Kornhorn

      Content Management

      September 2011

    Previous experience and activities

    • Gomarus College Groningen, HAVO

      Nature & Health + Management & Organisation
      Graduated in 2008

    • Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Informatica

      Courses: Database design, web development, software engineering, bio-informatics, IT-Services.
      Internships: LTO Noord (Drupal), Intra-IT (CMS/Webshop), Monvita (MVC4, Azure).
      Graduated in 2013

    • Intra-IT Automatisering, Marum/Leek

      Work description: Technical Service, reparing en installing computers for customers. Customer Service at the Helpdesk, Website development in PHP.
      Developing an Content Management System with a Webshop for a clothing supplier.

    • Monvita Internship, Assen

      Work description: Website development in C# MVC4, working with Windows Azure.
      Developing a web application for health professionals for managing their practice and clients.

    • Entrepeneur, Web Application Developer

      Work description: Development of website and application in multiple programming languages, and for multiple platforms.
      Among others: C# MVC4, PHP, jQuery, CSS/HTML, Windows Phone/Store.

    The Future

    Curriculum Vitae

    • Experience with - and knowledge of webdevelopment in PHP MVC4 with SQL
    • Good knowledge of the dutch language and a background in the field of bio-informatics
    • Accurate, attention to detail, a teamplayer

    Work Experience

    • Risk Consultants, Groningen

    • Champignon nursery v.d. Veen, Doezum

    • LTO Noord, Drachten

    • Intra-IT Automatisering, Marum

    • Monvita, Assen Web Application Developer

    • Entrepeneur, Web Application Developer

    Secondary Activities

    • ICT Technical Service (friend & family)

    • Website management GKV Kornhorn

    • Activities committee GKV Kornhorn

    • Committee of management GKV Kornhorn

    Knowledge of

    • Information Technology Infrastructure Library
    • Unified Modelling Language
    • IT Service Management
    • Object Orientated Programming
    • Windows Azure
    • Database design
    • Computer hard- and software